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Gala 9 Piece Steel Cookware Set

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9 pieces

Cooker 16x10 cm / 2.0 liter
Cooker 20x11 cm / 3.7 liter
Cooker 24x14 cm / 6.3 liter
Short Cooker 24x9 cm / 3.8 liter
Pan 24x5 cm / 1.8 liter

It is made of 18/10 Cr-Ni stainless steel.
Super capsule base providing homogeneous heat conduction.
Hand-free ergonomic stainless steel handles.
Long-lasting hygienic surfaces, carefully polished
. Clean first with hot water and dish soap.
Do not use hard metal brushes during cleaning.
It can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
Heat-resistant glass covers
Provides maximum time and energy savings thanks to the Solar Base system, which provides the highest heat transfer on all types of furnaces, including induction.